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Born in the entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation, we work day by day to be the bridge that unites demand with the transport supply efficiently, safely and accessiblely.

Innovation and Transportation Service

As a startup in the heart of Maresme, Taximaresme is guided by a philosophy of adaptability and constant growth.

We understand that the world of transport is always instead, and we are here to lead that change, Offering solutions that not only meet current needs, but also anticipate the challenges of the future. intelligent and human.

Our values:

  • Innovation: We are committed to the adoption of advanced technologies and innovative approaches to continually improve transport experience.
  • Reliability: The confidence of our users is fundamental. We strive to guarantee a safe and punctual service.
  • simplicity: we believe in the simplicity of our processes, facilitating fluid interaction and without complications between passengers and taxi drivers.
  • Sustainability: environmental responsibility is key in our operations. We look for ways to make our services more ecological.

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Our commitment as startup: connect, serve and enrich the Maresme community through a safe, reliable and accessible transport service

Participate in Taximaresme.es

If you are a taxi company based in the Maresme region and you are looking to expand your reach and connect with more customers, Taximaresme.com offers you the perfect opportunity. We invite all local taxi companies to be part of our growing directory. To participate, it is as simple as completing our On the web. Through this process, you can share specific details about your company, your services, and how passengers can benefit from choosing you.

We understand that the accuracy of information is key to a successful and reliable service. Therefore, if part of our directory is already part of our directory and you have noticed any incorrect or outdated data about your company, the same contact form is at your disposal to make changes. We are committed to maintaining our precise and updated database, ensuring that passengers always have access to the most recent and reliable information.

In Taximaresme.com, we strive to create a transport community that benefits both taxis companies and passengers. By joining us, not only do you become more visible to a broader audience, but also add a network of trust and quality in the transport service in Maresme. We hope to have your presence in our directory!

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